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Welch Products Receives Patent Protection for

"Anti-vegetation Post Collar "

from US Patent Office


Welch Products announced today that it has received US patent protection for three anti-vegetation post collar designs to be used around guardrail and sign posts found along Interstate highways and local roadways.

"This product is the next generation of our patented DuroTrim™ vegetation control product line and has evolved from six years of research and development with local and state DOT agencies", stated Shannon Godwin, Director of Communications for Welch Products.

"New roadway designs, created by state and local DOT's, have been developed to control vegetation growth around guard rails by extending paving beyond guardrail posts.  A new appliance was required to prevent the paved surfacing from completely surrounding posts, inhibiting the posts ability to give or twist in the event of a vehicle impact. This product clearly meets this need," added Godwin.

These innovative products simplify the road construction process because they are installed around guardrail posts during the installation process as a construction mold and then left in place as a maintenance appliance.

Tim Mahoney, Vice President of Welch Products, stated,  "This product will be sold under the brands of "TopHat™" and "Leevout™ through Welch's newly created National Transportation and Construction Technologies (NTACT) marketing division. These products are manufactured with Welch's patented cold cure process utilizing recycled crumb rubber and proprietary resins."  

Mahoney adds, "We will continue to invest in the research, development and protection of leading edge products that have real opportunity to become main stream. More importantly, we will maintain our focus on creating products for our customers based on their individual needs. We look forward to the growth and acceptance of these products in the market."


Welch Products specializes in manufacturing, product research, and market development of environmentally responsible products.  Our patented, proprietary processes are utilized to create quality products from recycled materials, primarily recycled rubber.   Our finished goods can be applied to many applications most often used by state transportation departments, marinas, public schools and child care centers.   Nearly all end users of our products are government agencies. 


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