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Texas Department of Transportation installed DuroRing vegetation control tiles that were manufactured specifically for the state of Texas. DuroRing tiles will eliminate the need for string trimming and allow the mowers to mow safely around signs and obstructions.


The following installation is currently being tested by the state of Texas.




DuroRing vegetation control tiles were made specifically for the State of Texas. The half moon shapes are delivered on pallets and require a forklift for loading into state vehicles.

Before installing the DuroRing, the area must first be mowed with a string trimmer so the tiles may rest on the ground.

The DuroRing tiles are placed around the base of the post and then glued at the seams.

Finishing touches on the gluing of the seams.

The finished tile is heavy enough to be mowed over by tractor mowers without being pulled into the blades and damaged.

View from the road along Interstate 30 West out of Texas.



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