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DuroBlock spacer blocks are used to replace wooden spacer blocks.


Based on the following testing, the DuroBlock was approved for use by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Division, for use along Federal roadways.




The DuroBlock Spacer Blocks can be designed to duplicate your current block designs and then mass-produced. The advantages over the rubber block, it does not require a large solid block of chemically treated wood, and it is made from recycled material.

For testing purposes the DuroBlock spacer block is mounted to a test I-Beam for impact testing. The results of this test were compared with the results of using a wooden spacer block.

The test vehicle rams the guardrail mounted to the DuroBlock spacer block

The collision is monitored with several high-speed cameras to document the impact and to study the results.

As expected, the support I Beam was damaged and the DuroBlock spacer block received minimal damage.





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