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Welch Products provides a wide variety of quality products manufactured from Recycled rubber material



DuroMat Extended Life™ playground safety tiles come in three colors; red, green and black.  The tiles are 2' x 2' and can be manufactured in multiple thickness to provide fall height protection for 8 to 10 feet.  

Playground safety tiles can be designed with our patented method for scribing designs into the tiles. 


DuroMat Extended Life™ playground safety tiles have a five-year manufacturer's warranty. 

The bottom of all playground tiles have a patented design to provide impact attenuation that meets CPSC guidelines to ASTM standards. 


Based on accelerated testing, DuroMat Extended Life™ playground safety tiles have an anticipated life expectancy of 20 to 25 years. 

Bull Nose surfacing is designed to be placed over the edge of a concrete slab. 

The bottom of the Bull Nose Tile uses a patented design to provide impact attenuation similar to standard playground safety tiles.

Edge Tile ramps are designed to be placed around standard playground tiles and provides a ramp to the surfaced play area.

Welch Products patented cold cure process allows a simple process for embossing designs and logos into the tiles.

The Re-VersaTile™ has a decorative pattern on both sides, allowing for flexible installation and designs. 

The Re-VersaTile™ cobblestone pattern is ideal for outdoor learning areas or patios.

DuroBlock™ spacer blocks replace chemically treated wooden spacer blocks.  The molded rubber product can be designed exactly like the wooden blocks that they replace.

TopHat™ products are designed as a permanent concrete form to be placed around guardrails support beams to control weed growth and provide impact cushioning for vehicles that may come into contact with the guardrail.

The TopHat™ provides the flex necessary for the guardrail and posts to absorb vehicle impact preventing vehicles from rebounding back into the traffic lanes. 

TopHat™ can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, colors and configurations.

DuroRing™ was designed as a joint effort by the Texas DOT and Welch Products, this product is concrete colored and used around signposts.  It is designed to be mowed over, eliminating the need for string trimming.

DuroRing™ as well as all products may be scribed with customer's name for identification purposes.

DuroTrim™ Vegetation control Mat can be placed along guardrails and includes scribe lines for cutting and installation.


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