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Product Development & Testing

Innovative Road Construction and Safety Products


National Transportation and Construction Technologies provides products manufactured from crumb rubber to Transportation and Highway departments responsible for construction and maintenance of your highways.


Many of our DOT and highway construction products were developed jointly between highway departments and Welch Products. Welch's product development teams work with your engineers to determine products that will be useful in the construction and maintenance cycle of your transportation department.


For many projects, at Welch's expense, our machinists will design and build the molds necessary to fabricate the new products per the desired specifications. We will then manufacture the agreed upon number of products for implementation and testing.


DuroBlock Spacer Block Receives Federal Approval
      Approved by Federal Highway Administration for Use along Roadways
Welch Manufactures DuroRing Vegetation Control Tiles for State of Texas
      Tiles will eliminate the need for costly string trimming
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