The CERVIS™ system is a common sense manufacturing practice utilizing the largest growth industries in the U.S., Prison Industries, to manufacture products that are marketed direct to other government entities involved with DOT maintenance, highway construction and child safety.


Through Overall Solutions®, Welch provides:

·        Manufacturing equipment

·        Licensing of patented technologies and processes

·        Access to patented products for manufacture within the customer's respective state

·        Exclusive access to proprietary manufacturing components

·        Training and maintenance programs for your prison industry


Welch provides financing, training and implementation for State's interested in pursuing a CERVIS™ system.  We also assist you with market development avenues through the National Safe Surfacing Initiative (NSSI) and National Transportation and Construction Technologies (NTACT) to drive the marketing and sales of products manufactured in your State.


As part of the CERVIS™ system, Welch's experienced Product Development professionals will work with your State's agencies to custom-fabricate new products, specific to your needs, to be manufactured within your state.  CERVIS™ allows you the flexibility to manufacture the products that are in demand by your State agencies.  


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